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How it works

cooks and eaters

Cooks and Eaters

Eat in App allows instant food sharing between home cooks with hungry eaters who are looking for a nearby place to eat.

Meet new people through sharing soul foods

Eat at your neighborhood, embrace cook hospitality and enjoy the warmth that only homemade foods provide.

Any allergies or picky eater ?

We will notify home cooks your special needs or any allergies in order to create the best environment and the best custom meal share for you.

It is legal?

It’s perfectly legal to host guests in your home as well as be a guest to share a homemade meal. It's like going to a friend house and enjoy sharing food. The collaboration you pay is to support cook cleaning and their grocery shopping and also support the platform to improve the service and technology. Please be aware of your country’s tax regulations with respect to the money earned from the service you provide as a host.
it is legal?

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